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CCB International is an inclusive club with both active bike racers and non-racing cyclists.

The club was started on the north shore of Boston in 1979 by a group that included Jeff and Cindy Joiner, Larry Myers and British ex-patriot and former pro bike racer John Ireland (who brought the name with him from Cycle Club Basingstoke (England) from which he came - history listed here). The original thought was that the club be an elite team with very limited membership. This initial group also included the inestimable Eddie O’Rourke as well as the Master himself… John Green.

The growth of enthusiast cycling in the region meant that more and more enthusiasts (and not racers) joined. Steve Pucci’s Northeast Bikes, a new shop at the time, became involved, bringing an influx of new members. As the club grew, it gradually matured beyond a strictly-racing club to one with a core of racers plus a larger number of enthusiast riders.

Despite - or maybe because of - the mixed nature of the club, over the years the club has gained tremendous standing in the region, and has been home to many professional bike racers during their formative years, from Tim Johnson, Gavin Mannion and Tyler Hamilton. This is thanks in no small part to through the hard work of many club members. Because of the riders in the club, these pros - and others, like cyclocross champ Lyne Bessette or (former 'cross, now) pro road racer Jesse Anthony - still show up at the club's group rides when their schedules permit.  The club's storied pink, blue and white jersey is well known - not just in the Northeast US, but across the country.

The club continues to this day as an elite racing team coupled with a group of enthusiast cyclists, some of whom race and some who do not - though most club rides are in an energetic racing style.

Much of the club's activities still happen on Boston's north shore.