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Team race results, May 2012

on Wed, 06/06/2012 - 03:50

(From Steve Pucci)

It was quite a month for CCB.

It started with a huge GC win at the Tour of the Dragons in Vermont by Tim Mitchell.

Followed by an on-form Tim Mitchell winning the legendary Sterling Road Race by riding away from the break on the final climb.

Dylan McNicholas then kept the winning going with a first in the pro/elite category of the Weeping Willow mountain bike race in Ipswich, Mass ( beware the roadie )!

Finally, the month closes with the Killington Stage race, also in Vermont. This is a Pro/1 race. The results were great:

  • CCB started out with a Stage 1 win by Dylan (road circuit) and leaders jersey in Pro/1. (Photos). Synjen Marrocco takes 3rd in the Cat 2, Dzmitry Buben takes 2nd in Men's 50+, and Mike Kranzley takes 2nd in the Men's 60+.
  • Quickly followed by a Stage 2 win by Tim (time trial) in Pro/1, grabbing the leaders jersey. (Photos) Gary Aspnes takes 2nd in the Men's 40+. Mike Kranzley podiums again with 3rd in the Men's 60+.
  • In the final Stage 3, Cameron Cogburn takes 6th in the stage and 4th overall (after a steep hill finish) in the Pro/1.

Huge month for the team leading into the core of the season.

The team has dominated Northeast racing.