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A Distinct Identity

Education Through Athletics – The primary focus of the organization is developing our U23 men's and women's riders while they pursue, in parallel, a post-secondary education and elite level bike racing . Education Through Athletics is not simply balancing classes and bike racing; the bike racing itself, the camaraderie, the travel, the exposure to different cultures, places, people, and customs are all an educational experience of their own. In a world where globalization is increasing at a dramatic rate, where having a sense of your “place in the world” is exceptionally important, and where sport is often the common ground upon which relationships are formed, the importance of Education Through Athletics cannot be overstated. 



Title Partner: Foundation Cycling

Foundation Cycling, a 501(c)(3) organization with a great history from the New York City, has been instrumental in supporting financially disadvantaged riders from the US, as well as Central and South America, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue cycling at the highest levels.  Foundation recognizes the importance of providing the future of the sport with a sustainable, responsible development pathway, and have been a key factor in our program's growth in the past several years.

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Title Partner: BikeReg

BikeReg is THE online event registration and event management platform in cycling and many other sports.  A New England company, BikeReg have been perennial supporters of youth and elite level development initiatives in cycling.  Now, they join CCB in launching the program's inaugural women's team, continuing to make cycling accessible to all.

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name: Thomas Humphreys

racing age: 22

hometown: Chevy Chase, MD

school: UMD College Park

favorite race: GP Criquielion (BEL)

instagram: @thomashumphreys_

name: Gabe Mendez

racing age: 21

hometown: Talking Rock, GA

school: University of Georgia

favorite race: GRUSK

instagram: @gabejmendez

name: Ben Wright

racing age: 20

hometown: Lynchburg, VA

school: Central Virginia CC

favorite race: Vuelta Ciclista a Leon (ESP)

instagram: @ben__wright111

name: Veeti Vainio

racing age: 19

hometown: Hyvinkää, Finland

school: EdX

favorite race: Tour of the DMZ (KOR)

instagram: @veetivainio__

name: Caleb Classen

racing age: 19

hometown: Bend, OR

school: Carpinteria HS

favorite race: Tour of the Gila

instagram: @calebclassen

name: Tate Kokubo

racing age: 20

hometown: Arlington, MA

school: EdX

favorite race: Charlie Baker TT

instagram: @sk8mstrt8

name: Seth Callahan

racing age: 19

hometown: Social Circle, GA

school: EdX

favorite race: Junior Tour of Ireland

instagram: @sethcallahan.0

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name: Kira Payer

racing age: 21

hometown: Houstaonic, MA

school: Fort Lewis College

favorite race: Gracia Orlòva (CZE)

instagram: @kira.payer

name: Lizzy Gunsalus

racing age: 17

hometown: Dudley, MA

school: Shepherd Hill RHS

favorite race: Namur CX World Cup (BEL)

instagram: @lizzygunsalus

name: Emily Curley

racing age: 26

hometown: Northampton, MA

school: Oberlin College

favorite race: Women's Woodstock GP

instagram: @em.curley



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